Monday, March 3, 2014

Press release: Bach and Telemann concertos for Viola and Bassoon


Martin Kuuskmann, bassoon

Lars Anders Tomter, viola

1B1 Chamber Orchestra – Jan Bjøranger, leader


A new, young orchestra from Norway makes its debut CD


1B1 is a progressive string ensemble founded in 2008. It unites musicians teaching at the University of Stavanger, their most accomplished students, and members of the distinguished Stavanger Symphony Orchestra. Its founder and artistic director is violinist Jan Bjøranger. In its short existence 1B1 has already collaborated with such outstanding performers and composers as Arvo Pärt, Clemens Hagen, Benjamin Schmid, Steve Reich, Tonu Kaljuste and Lars Anders Tomter.


Martin Kuuskmann, Lars Anders Tomter and 1B1 bring you a Bach you've never heard before. Purists within the early music community; prepare to frown! We claim that this is a natural continuance of the practice from Bach's own time.


Bach concertos


Bach wrote 14 concertos for harpsichord in ...


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