1B1 has received a lot of praise from key figures of the music field. We have gathered some of their testimonials here.


"I saw a lot of projects here, and to my mind, no-one else has achieved this perfect match of musical understanding and performance.”

– Thomas Jordans, Staatskapelle Berlin




"1B1 represents an outstanding vision of how to make classical music appear young, fresh and juicy.”

– Benjamin Schmid




"So sollte Musik heute gelebt und erlebt werden. Bravo!”

– Clemens Hagen




"1B1 is an inspirational group because all the energy Jan Bjøranger has ever wanted, is in this group.”

Martin Kuuskmann




”I had the privilege of working with 1B1 at the opening ceremony when Stavanger was European Capital of Culture in 2008, and it was a great joy to hear them perform my music. The ensemble is young and energetic, and combines this energy with technical proficiency and musical devotion. Jan Bjøranger is an accomplished leader who manages to extract the very best work from the young musicians.”

– Gisle Kverndokk




"A highly professional, superb chamber orchestra characterized by stylistic versatility.”

Lars Anders Tomter




Music creates more than sounds and passionate feelings: it also shapes personalities and lifestyles. Nowhere is this more evident than in Stavanger, where the ensemble 1b1 and it's charismatic leader Jan Bjøranger is the driving force in a cultural, artistic and didactic reorientation.
Together with this wonderful young band I have seen a truly remarkable project materialise, the world premiere recording of recorder concerti by Chiel Meijering; I have seen young people growing with the challenges, I have seen these superb young players take responsibility for each other, I have seen them becoming friends with a musical style completely unknown to them just days before, and I have seen them accepting the sometimes really tough circumstances during long work days... I have seen them grow.

To make music together is a most socialising event: you have to listen to what the others are 'saying', you yourself have to contribute to the success of the work you are performing, and you have to respect that work profoundly: without this combined effort there will be no art. I am convinced that this art of listening to 'The Other' makes us more tolerant and willing to embrace and accept other people. It shapes and defines us as human beings.

1b1 is all about art. It allows young players to enter the real world of music making long before they finish their studies by means of a natural integration of didactics and performance. I can't help thinking of Antonio Vivaldi and his orchestra in Venice, which offered young children an education enabling them to create their own lives regardless of their background. The keyword here is competence and constant development of one's skills. I saw this happen before my very eyes during my stay in Stavanger: a remarkable change of performance and ability to deliver when needed took the ensemble to a truly amazing level. You will hear it yourself when you listen to the CD.

Music is indeed a society-builder, a power which is uniquely human and more than anything else shows us who we are. It is time for us musicians to enter the forefront of everyday life. Look at us: creating our own lives makes us all artists.”

– Dan Laurin

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