1B1 offers a variety of high quality artistic projects, ranging from innovative interpretations of classical masterpieces to multi-genre performances, and programs for children. For booking requests, please contact Jan Bjøranger or Erling Johansen. Contact details can be found here.

Grieg, Grieg and Grieg

Featuring 1B1, 2 piano players and 3 X Grieg.


We make a journey trough Edvard Grieg´s Masterpiece «Aus Holberg´s Zeit».The wonderful suite of dance movements is one of the composer’s most performed pieces for string orchestra. The version for piano, which actually is the original, and Grieg´s own arrangement of the piece is well known to concert audiences all over the world.


When 1B1 makes another recording of this piece, it is also because of the third version that the orchestra developed in co-operation with the composer and pianist Erlend Skomsvoll. Here the composer finds his own way through the piece with his own comments, improvised parts and rearrangements of the original. He picks out energy points in the piece and develops the general character through focusing on these spots. 


The production is a natural step in the «authenticy project» of the orchestra where we aim to play like children play with things they have in their hands, to rediscover the originals and develop the perspective on the tradition giving new energy for the future. 


Christian Ihle Hadland, piano

Erlend Skomsvoll, piano and composer

1B1, Jan Bjøranger



Good in life – «Dance»


Per Fronth:«Ode to a Hunter» 6 minutes movie with music by Arvo Pärt and William Walton

Grieg:«Aus Holberg´s Zeit»

Bartok:«Rumanian Folk Dances»

Chiel Meijering:«Concertos for the Eagle and orchestra» with Dan Laurin

DJ (to be confirmed)


The end of the show will be like a dance party: The audience starts dancing while the orchestra plays, and then the DJ comes along and continues to play as the orchestra leaves the stage and starts dancing as well.


Dan Laurin, recorder

Damien Bassman, percussion

2 or 3 dancers, plus amateur dancers in the audience

DJ, Chiel Meijering, others

1B1, Jan Bjøranger

Libera Me – Good in life – «Singing»


Schostakovich op 110b

Schoenberg "Friede auf Erden»

Peteris Vasks short piece

Peteris Vasks commissioned piece

1B1, Jan Bjøranger

Koris Latvija, Maris Sirmais

EEA supported project with premiere spring 2015


Big Bang – Concerts for children, about taking part in music


Music by Grieg and Shostakovich

Host: Tony Valberg

Child counterpart

1B1, Jan Bjøranger




Bach and Telemann concertos for viola and bassoon


Lars Anders Tomter, viola

Martin Kuuskmann, bassoon

1B1, Jan Bjøranger


Kuuskmann, Tomter and 1B1 bring you a Bach you've never heard before. Purists within the early music community; prepare to frown! We claim that this is a natural continuance of the practice from Bach's own time. 


Bach wrote 14 concertos for harpsichord around 1740 in Leipzig. That is; they are most known as harpsichord concertos – in reality they are arrangements of concertos for other instruments written as early as 1708. When working with the outstanding musicians of Collegium Musicum Bach re-worked his old concertos into new works, of course a completely standard procedure in those days. 


Continuing his pioneering work with the Mozart Clarinet Concerto and Clarinet Quintet in versions for viola, professor Lars Anders Tomter is joined by the outstanding bassoonist Martin Kuuskmann. Not only do they transcribe the solo concertos to fit their own instruments, they also construct a whole new concerto based on fragments and parts from other works. All in all much along the same lines which Bach and his colleagues did. 


This project was released on CD by Simax in 2013. For more info and music clips:



55 minutes show of suites


Telemann Suite in a-minor for recorder and strings

Grieg «Aus Holberg´s Zeit», transition on Hardanger fiddle

Dan Laurin, recorder

1B1, Jan Bjøranger


A great program for ending conferences etcetera, this show was first performed for Baker in Stavanger, October 2013


Scandinavia en-suite


Carl Nielsen: «Kleine Suite» op 1

Kurt Atterberg:Suite for violin,viola and strings

Edvard Grieg: «The Holberg Suite»


There is also room for a soloist work or other material in this program. It is well suited for churches. The program should not exceed 80 minutes, including a short break

1B1, Jan Bjøranger



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